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Welcome to Thapar Pigs farms, located in the city of Bagpat in the state of Utterpradesh. Thapar Pig farms is spread over five acres of farm land housing 200 large white yokenshire pigs.  The farm was established in February of 2009 with an initial inlay of 80 pigs. Currently our farm has 30 female sows that are pregnant and would deliver in the month of November bringing the total population of pigs to 500 by the end of this year.  By the end of 2010 our farm will be in the position to supply 1000 finisher pigs on a monthly basis. We are also in planning stages to open retail chains to sell our pork to end consumers in the NCR region.

In the next ten years it is predicted that the total consumption of meat in India will double from its present numbers. As per capita income of individuals rises, they tend to spend on improving their lifestyle and food consumption habits.  Pork consumption is negligible in India, with the exception of the north east while it is a major item elsewhere. In the European Union, 42.6 kg pork is consumed per person every year, while in the US, 29.7 kgs are consumed. Pork is a staple for Chinese, and so over 35 kg are consumed per person per year. India’s consumption levels (currently 5.35 pg/ annum) are so low that it can only be explained by low incomes and high relative prices. The total world consumption of meat is estimated to be of the order of 240 million tons per annum and India’s share of consumption is only 2.2%.

At Thapar Pigs farms it is our endeavour to provide high quality pork at affordable prices to all segments of the Indian society.

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